Beyond Space

Often the most complex challenges aren’t in space. Many of the technologies used in space systems are also fundamental to terrestrial applications. Aerospace pursues these opportunities to enhance our knowledge and to serve the national interest, increasing our ability to adapt and enhance our capabilities.
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Radio Frequency Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management Key To Regulatory Issues

As mobile usage increases, the demand for more bandwidth on the limited radio frequency (RF) spectrum grows, which can lead to potential conflict with other industries. The need for spectrum management is now more important than ever in resolving spectrum
Airborne Chemical Detection in New York

Airborne Chemical Analysis in New York

The Aerospace-developed Ground-Based SHARP Sensor (GBSS) played a starring role in conducting an airborne chemical analysis on the air of New York City for a Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP) study.

Drone Detection Technology is Key

The popularity of drones or unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) has created a need for drone detection systems to assess if a drone is a threat or not. Aerospace is investigating a variety of technologies including 3-D motion detection, infrared, and audio sensory to identify and provide security from unidentified drones.

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