A Letter from the Chair of the Board and the President and CEO

Welcome to The Aerospace Corporation's 2021 Annual Report.
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The rapidly changing space domain calls for new ideas and new approaches to accelerate the pace of innovation and respond to the threats we face. This year, The Aerospace Corporation charted a course forward in this dynamic landscape that maximizes our value and meets the evolving needs of our customers by building on the excellence that has defined our company throughout its history.

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The Aerospace Corporation President and CEO Steve Isakowitz and Board of Trustees Chair Stephanie O'Sullivan

Aerospace is at the forefront of shaping the space and ground system architectures of the future, which will strengthen our nation’s security while laying the foundation for a new era of human exploration and achievement in space. To support these efforts, we are focusing our investments on the cutting-edge technologies that will deepen our technical excellence, including digital engineering, modeling and simulation capabilities, and rapid prototyping.

All of Aerospace’s six accountable national security launches were successful, including the first reuse of a booster for a national security mission. Aerospace is working to extend this dedication to mission success end to end across the space enterprise, broadening our impact to deliver integrated solutions that span customers, missions, and system lifecycles.

We are also investing in our operations and our people to allow us to be more connected, more collaborative, and more flexible, empowering our team to contribute to the mission from wherever they are located. Through our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we continue to strengthen our workplace, creating an environment where all of our people are able to thrive and do their best work for our customers.

While the COVID-19 pandemic again posed challenges this year, our focus on protecting the health and safety of our people enabled us to limit the impact to our operations and ensure we were well-positioned to provide the trusted technical expertise and objective analysis for which we are known.

We invite you to explore the 2021 Annual Report to learn more about the many ways Aerospace is making a difference for our customers and for our nation. It speaks to our commitment, now and in the future, to achieving our vision: The nation’s trusted partner, solving the hardest problems for the preeminent space enterprise.

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