Creating an Agile Space Enterprise: The 2018 Annual Report

The Aerospace Corporation's 2018 Annual Report spotlights several of last year's amazing efforts to shape the future of the space enterprise through innovation while delivering mission success to our customers.
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A constellation of CubeSats orbiting in low Earth orbit provides greater space resiliency because it will remain operational even if some of its satellites cease functioning.

Building a Resilient Space Architecture

Adversaries great and small understand the importance of U.S. space capabilities and continually seek to undermine them—through physical and digital means. To counter this evolving threat, future space systems must be both defensible and resilient.
Personnel in STARS lab

Ensuring Faster Access to Space

Aerospace is revamping its traditional mission assurance and launch verification processes to keep up with the faster pace of space launch.
Ted Muelhaupt (of SASS) in discussion with Aerospace’s CORDS team.

Creating a Path Through Contested Space

Innovative approaches to space traffic management are helping to reduce the risk of orbital collisions while reducing the burden of tracking space assets.
3D printer

Rapid Prototyping to Disrupt Evolving Threats

Rapid prototypes and technology demonstrations are helping to move game-changing concepts from the research lab to the operational regime.
Depiction of AI 'brain' over CPU

Artificial Intelligence Gets Ahead of the Threats

Intelligent systems that combine massive computational power with a dash of human intuition could soon revolutionize the manufacture and operation of sophisticated space systems.
Complex space systems

Strengthening the Nation’s Response to Threats

Building on a long history of technical expertise and independent research, Aerospace is helping the government conceive and implement a comprehensive space enterprise for the next century.

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