Regishell inflatable environment

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Device and Method

A method for constructing an inflatable environment on top of or beneath a surface of an extraterrestrial object includes spraying Regishell onto an airform or piping the Regishell into a sandwich membrane layer of the airform. When performing the spraying of the Regishell, the method further includes combining basalt material with the Regishell and applying the combination of the basalt material and Regishell to a reinforcement layer, the reinforcement layer being internal to the airform to strengthen the inflatable environment. When performing the piping of the Regishell into the sandwich membrane, the method further includes using the sandwich membrane layer as a permeable membrane or drilling one or more holes in the sandwich membrane layer forming vents to create the permeable membrane, and releasing the gas from the sandwich membrane layer from the vents to cure and conform the Regishell as a rigid shape and structurally sound layer.

Keywords: habitat
International Class: IPC(8): B05D7/22 B05D1/02 E04H15/20 E04B1/34 E04B1/32 E04B1/92