The Aerospace Corporation's Sessions at SmallSat 2020

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Under Talks:

Landsat Imagery from a CubeSat:

Results and Operational Lessons from the R3 Satellite’s First 18 months in space

Dee Pack, Garrett Kinum, Patrick Johnson, Timothy Wilkinson, Christopher Coffman, Cameron Purcell, Jon Mauerhan, Brian Hardy – The Aerospace Corporation


Under Technical Session II:

Building Satellites in 18 Months: Lessons Learned from Rogue CubeSats

Matthew Navarro – Department of Defense Space Test Program
Joes Gussy, Dee Pack, Darren Rowen, Deborah Salvaggio – The Aerospace Corporation


Under Session VI: Advanced Technologies I

Autonomous System Identification for Satellite Altitude Control

Evan Sperber, Daniel Hernandez, Hannah Weiher, Evan Ulrich, Mitchel Craun, Carlos Beltran, Alexander Harpenau, Richard Chiang – The Aerospace Corporation


Under Session VIII: Space Access

The STP-2 Mission: Rideshare Lessons Learned from the Air Force’s First Falcon ESPA Spacecraft

David Voelkel, Barbara Braun, Sabrina Herrin, Arthur Menichiello – The Aerospace Corporation & Michael Marlow - Department of Defense Space Test Program


Under Session XI: Advanced Technologies

On-orbit Results from an Ultra-Low SWaP Black Silicon Star Tracker

Darren Rowen – The Aerospace Corporation
Martin Pralle – SiOnyx, Inc.
Alexander Utter, Garrett Kinum, Hannah Weiher, Andy Wu, Richard Dolphus, Eddson Alcid – The Aerospace Corporation


Under Session XII: Communications

SatCat5: A Low- Power, Mixed-Media Ethernet Network for Smallsats

Alexander Utter, Mark Zakrzewski, Andrew Keene, Samuel Dietrich, Sammy Lin, Eric McDonald, Nathan Whitehair, Jason Zheng – The Aerospace Corporation


Under Swifty Session I:

HIVE: A Space Architecture Concept

Henry Helvajian & Allison Taylor – The Aerospace Corporation


Small Satellite Trending and Reliability 2009-2018

Kara O’Donnell and Gregory Richardson – The Aerospace Corporation