Angie Bukley

Dr. Angie P. Bukley

Senior Project Leader Human Exploration and Spaceflight Division


Dr. Angelia (Angie) Bukley is a senior project leader in the Civil Systems Group at The Aerospace Corporation. She leads the Exploration Science and Technology (ES&T) organization in the Human Exploration and Spaceflight (HESF) Division in Houston, Texas, where she provides leadership across the broad range of ES&T activities, including bioscience, exploration analogs; science missions; propulsion systems; and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) initiatives. Bukley is a member of the NASA Engineering Safety Center Systems Engineering Technical Discipline Team and Aerospace’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy. She is also an instructor for Aerospace University, which provides internal technical training for Aerospace employees. With more than 35 years of professional experience, Bukley’s career has spanned a broad range of defense and space systems research, analysis, design, and technical management.

Bukley began her career as a staff engineer at a small consulting firm in Huntsville, Alabama, before joining the NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center an aerospace engineer, where she worked from 1990 to 1997. She started at Aerospace in 1998 as a systems engineer in the Airborne Laser Program Office. She left Aerospace in 2003 to join Ohio University Russ College of Engineering as the C. Paul Stocker visiting professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and in 2005 was named full professor with tenure, later advancing to become associate dean for research and graduate studies. Bukley then went on to the University of Tennessee Space Institute where she was associate vice president and chief administrator. She then joined the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg, France, serving as associate dean and director of the Space Studies Program, going on to become in 2011 vice president for academics and research. In 2014 Bukley left academia to rejoin Aerospace as a member of the Civil Systems Group.

Bukley has more than 100 technical publications to her credit, including 4 books. She actively promotes STEM studies to K-12 students in her home state of Mississippi. Bukley also routinely participates in research activities in microgravity, having accumulated more than 10 hours of zero-G executing experiments in structural dynamics and neurophysiology.


Bukley earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Mississippi State University and a Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Awards and Honors

Bukley has received nearly 30 awards for teaching and technical merit, including the 2003 University of Alabama Huntsville Distinguished Engineering Alumni Academy Award; the Ohio University Martin E. and Ann D. White Teaching Award in 2005, the Russ College IEEE Student-Voted Best Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2007, and the International Academy of Astronautics Life Science Book of the Year 2008.


Bukley is an Associate Fellow of the AIAA and a member of the American Astronautical Society, International Federation for Automatic Control, the International Council on Systems Engineering, and several other professional societies. She serves on the boards of two universities, a nonprofit, and a space start-up. She has been an ISU faculty member since 1998 and currently serves on the ISU Academic Council and chairs the Committee for Academic Appointment, Review, and Evaluation. She is also the representative for The Aerospace Corporation on the ISU Board of Trustees.

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