Commercial Space Futures (Government Partners) - Fact Sheet

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This is an unprecedented time for space. The ever-increasing speed of technological advancement, lower-cost access to space, and massive private investment are all driving a wave of commercial space innovation. The U.S. government is eager to rapidly harness these next-generation solutions to increase affordability, create speed in achieving Government objectives, and outpace growing threats to a sustainable, secure space environment, while improving the nation’s security and prosperity. Through Aerospace's Commercial Space Futures Office, we bring our deep technical expertise and independent insight to facilitate government access to commercial space capabilities and incorporate these technologies into U.S. space programs.

Providing Support to U.S. Government Customers

  • Market sensing and business intelligence to inform Government technology investment
  • Technical and financial due diligence to assure timely, secure, and resilient adoption of
    commercial capabilities
  • Architecting support – connecting “ready enough” commercial capabilities to PEOs
    and product centers
  • Policy support – studying and recommending fiscal and policy strategy to support
    timely PPBE decisions to simplify and speed adoption on commercial timelines