Delivering Excellence with Integrity

Recognizing the significant contributions and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans and active-duty members in the armed forces is especially meaningful for Aerospace and its people, many of whom are veterans themselves.
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As the nation’s trusted partner, we continually rely on our ethical culture, which serves as the foundation that enables us to solve the hardest problems for the space enterprise. For more than 60 years, we have committed ourselves to operating as an independent, objective agent free from conflicting interests and priorities, allowing us to excel at meeting the needs of our customers.

CSR: Delivering Excellence with Integrity

Each year our employees complete ethics training where they learn how to speak truth to power from a place of integrity. By avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining objectivity, and protecting corporate, customer, third-party, and personal information, our people ensure our ethical standards are being met and maintained.

This year, Aerospace updated and issued a Code of Ethics Handbook, allowing all employees to easily access this information and make decisions that align with our values.

At Aerospace, we take pride in maintaining the highest ethical standards at all levels of operation. By providing our employees with resources and training on our ethical standards, we are ensuring Aerospace operates from a place of integrity and honesty, maintaining the trust of our customers.