Aerospace Presents: Pathfinder's Guide to the Space Enterprise

A magnificent journey through the unknown
Digital Futures Map
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A Letter from the Creator:


Dear Explorers,

My team and I had an incredible ride creating this futures map for you. The Foresight Collective included over 70 world-class space experts and bright minds who came together through a series of ideation sessions to find the fringe signals of change, make connections, think through the impacts of convergence, and imagine the possible. 

If you want to take your map experience to the next level, we have included folding instructions below to create your very own printout guide to the future enterprise.

Tack it on your wall to let the ideas flow, or let it serve as your guide star as you journey through the final frontier. We are also looking forward to creating more experiential environments of the future in our next endeavor. So fasten those seatbelts!

Believe it or not, we had identified a global pandemic as one of the many potential shocks to consider when we started this project over nine months ago, and alas, here we are today living through great waves of change as a result. As we look forward, our hope is to inspire your internal adventurer to think about how space can and will play a role in the future and how we get there.

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Kara Cunzeman (center) with Catherine Venturini, Paul Frakes, and Jennifer Ross of Aerospace.

More importantly, we want you to recognize that we are actively shaping our future outcomes today. In order to create the enterprise we want, we have to dream it. To you my friends, I say dream on!

Kara C. Cunzeman

Lead Futurist, Strategic Foresight, Center for Space Policy and Strategy


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Strategic Foresights Futures MapFutures Map Outside

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Core Themes: Hundreds of ideas from dozens of experts have been condensed into seven core themes and serve as an anchor to the present and a portal to the future:

  • Intelligence Infrastructure – artificially “incubated” information available on-demand ​
  • Conflict – modalities and landscapes that change continuously and at exponential speed​
  • Workforce – the skills, capabilities and social environments to deliver the future ​
  • Resources – physical and virtual space-based “jewels” that fuel exploration, development, and benefits to earth ​
  • ​Access – physical and virtual delivery, usage, and connectivity, from earth to space and intra-space ​
  • Players – explorers, entrepreneurs, innovators, government leaders, service providers, and societal elements of the space ecosystem ​
  • Exploration – the emergence of a space-faring society
Orbits Futures Map

Two Critical Uncertainties Shaping the Future of Space:

  1. The degree in which space will be “commercialized.”
    How much will space exploration and exploitation be designed to seed the commercial ecosystem?
  2. The evolution and potential transformation of global power states.
    What space-based leverage points could change the terrestrial power balance?

Looking Back from the Journey, Two Cross-Cutting Takeaways:

  1. Homo Deus: We are on the precipice for directly controlling our own future evolution through our DNA and in parallel moving toward creating generalized AI. Space is very much a part of the human journey of our self-exploration.
    What does it mean to be human?
    What is our purpose?
    How did we get here?
    Where do we want to go?

  2. Jewels of Space: We see many unique ways in which space can benefit society.
    What new wealth will arise from a booming space economy?
    Will there be national advantage?
    What new scientific discoveries will be made?
    How will space entertain and inspire us?

Ready to dive deeper and explore the map in full? Click here to download a copy.

Interested in getting a hardcopy printout of the map or want to learn more about the Foresighting Initiative at Aerospace? Contact us at

More about Strategic Foresight at Aerospace: The Strategic Foresight Initiative is dedicated to expanding the futures mindset for the space enterprise. Through systematic methodologies and iterative practices in futures thinking, Aerospace is leading the way to inspire the enterprise to dream big, think boldly, engage in purpose-driven innovation, and proactively build towards preferred futures.

Want to Create a Printout of the Map at Home or the Workplace?

If you have access to a high-resolution printer, click on the print-fold version of file and print double-sided on 11” x 17” paper size. Create three folds for the four panels and fold outside panels inward so that the title panel is the front page. When fully open, the main map should be in the center. The mock-up diagram below shows this layout in greater detail.

Futures Map Foldable Version
(Click Image to Download Foldable Futures Map)

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Digital Futures Map

Pathfinder’s Guide to the Space Enterprise: Digital Edition!

Our team has taken our original futures map and transformed it into an experiential exploration of the future! Inside you’ll find all the great content from Pathfinder’s Guide plus new interviews from experts, space enthusiasts, and even THE future providing their novel perspectives about what the future might look like, all in an interactive format. Are you ready to take a trip around the future space enterprise and explore the possibilities it might hold? Click here to enter a world like no other and see what inspires you to reach for the stars!

(Please note it may take a few moments for the map to load, but we promise it’ll be well worth your time. This beta version is only supported on desktop applications at this time. Mobile versions will be available soon. Thanks for your patience!)

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