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Robotics and Satellites Teaching Aids

Explore how CubeSats are programmed in these lesson plans for elementary and high school students!
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In this lesson, students will explore how a CubeSat is programmed to orient and how it positions itself in space, answering essential questions like what are small satellites and what do they do? These lessons review skills and careers that relate to engineering, analysis, and other fields. This lesson is aligned to CA NGSS standards and is available for both K-3 and high school teachers.

Downloadable Teaching Materials

In the elementary lesson plan, students will learn the basics of coding through a team simulation activity and apply 21st century skills to include collaboration and communication.

Through the high school lesson, students will participate in an activity which demonstrates the use of transmissions to and from satellite components. They will also learn about attitude and control, and will demonstrate their understanding of satellite positioning through hands-on experiences. This lesson plan connects to high school engineering and Earth and space science. 


K-3 Lesson Plan


High School Lesson Plan

High School CubiKit Lesson Plan

The CubiKit is an additional hands on STEM activity for the high school lesson plan. Instructions on how to build your own kit will be coming soon!


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