Fostering Innovation At Aerospace

Meeting the ever-increasing demands of new commercial space startups while providing our customers unparalleled mission success rates is challenging. To respond to this challenge, The Aerospace Corporation created iLab, or the Innovation Lab, with the goal of generating and sustaining a corporate culture of innovation that creates value for our customers and the company.

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The aerospace industry is undergoing tremendous changes causing a shift in focus, methodology, and the speed of innovation. The “NewSpace” sector of the aerospace industry consists of almost 1,000 companies focused on creating different business models for accessing space. As a result, the role of Aerospace as a trusted advisor on space programs is taking on a new focus as our customers are working directly with the NewSpace sector. The speed and agility of NewSpace and an increasing focus on space security is pushing Aerospace to elevate our culture of innovation. In this paper, we describe the programs we created to stimulate this culture and engage our employees in more innovative practices.