Cislunar Stewardship: Planning for Sustainability and International Cooperation

Significant work remains in characterizing new orbital environments, monitoring their evolving use, and determining appropriate sustainability practices. What can be done to advance cislunar stewardship?

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Cislunar Stewardship

The space lanes throughout the cislunar region would benefit from the conscientious care of the global community in a coordinated effort to ensure safe operations in the best interests of all parties. Responsibility for coordination of the effort may reside with existing international organizations but could also be assisted by an international business collective similar to the Space Data Association, which has proven that critical operational issues affecting both government and nongovernment sectors can be addressed through cooperation among competitor-colleagues.

Space Policy Show Alert: Check out Episode 21 of The Space Policy Show as James Vedda and George Pollock talk about this paper analyze what can be done to advance cislunar stewardship. 


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