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Providing Support for Communities Where Our Teammates Work and Live

The Aerospace Committee for Equality (ACE) assesses, recommends and executes the corporation’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) actions through the focus areas of Recruitment, Representation, Retention, Education and Training, K-12 STEM Outreach and Community Outreach.
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Aerospace is actively investing in several community outreach programs designed to advance a culture of trust, inclusion and belonging within the workplace and greater community.  

This year, Aerospace created a DEI partnership with the city of El Segundo and Space and Systems Command to establish DEI objectives and best practices for our employees and local communities. In an effort to create an open channel of communication and mitigate bias, this partnership was extended to the El Segundo Economic Development Council and the El Segundo Police Department leadership, with similar partnerships to be established at other Aerospace locations across the country. 

Aerospace has also expanded the Dr. Wanda M. Austin Scholarship program by creating additional scholarship opportunities through the new Future STEM Leaders program, which established a team of community liaison volunteers at different locations across the Aerospace enterprise. 


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