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2021 CSR Report: Letter from the President and CEO

Welcome to The Aerospace Corporation's 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report on behalf of our President and CEO. 
CEO Steve Isakowitz

I am pleased to present The Aerospace Corporation’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2021, which details the many ways our people are making a difference in the workplace and in our communities.  

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to pose challenges, the Aerospace team applied the same ingenuity and innovation that they bring to launching rockets to finding new ways to safely carry on our outreach efforts and deliver on our corporate citizenship mission. 

At a time of great change in our industry and in our society, we committed ourselves this year to broadening our reach and deepening our impact to help shape a brighter future for all. Through the leadership of the Aerospace Committee for Equality, we built on existing relationships and forged new ones to enhance our K-12 STEM and community outreach efforts as part of a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. 

Whether leveraging virtual technologies to bring our STEM educational materials to even more students and teachers, expanding our scholarship program for talented high schoolers to new locations, or simply introducing students to the wonders of space, we’re focused on making sure people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to thrive. We also found new ways to celebrate and encourage the amazing volunteer work our people are already doing in their communities and provided tools to help them organize to champion causes they’re passionate about. 

Our people are our greatest asset at Aerospace, and we’re proud to support them both in the critical work they do on behalf of our nation’s space enterprise, and in their efforts to make a positive impact where they work and live. I encourage you to read on to learn more about the work Aerospace is doing to advance STEM education, benefit our communities, support our military partners, and shape a more equitable, inclusive society.  

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