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The Space Policy Show

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Working from home or under quarantine? The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy is offering a series of webcasts and virtual meetings as an opportunity to stay engaged with the larger space policy community. Join us!

Please visit: to engage with the speakers and ask questions. You can also ask questions on the Vimeo platform if you don’t have a Twitter account.


Upcoming Episodes:

Thursday, August 6, 1pm ET 

E27 - Space Force…How Did We Get Here? with Marty Whelan and Doug Loverro


Thursday, August 13, 1pm ET

E28 - Responsible Use of PNT for National Resilience with Lori Gordon, Tom Powell, and Jim Platt


Previous Episodes: 


Thursday, July 30, 1pm ET 

E26 -Removing Obstacles and Streamlining Launch with Carrie O’Quinn, Carie Mullins, Tony Frego, and Mandy Vaughn


Thursday, July 23, 1pm ET 

E25 -What is Planetary Protection and Why Should We Care? with Meg Abraham and Bhavya Lal


Thursday, July 16, 1pm ET 

E24 -Nuclear Technology in Space with Patricia Maloney and Jim Howe 


Thursday, July 9, 1pm ET 

E23 - Defending the Space Enterprise in the Cyber Domain with Lori Gordon, Ryan Speelman, and John Felker


Thursday, July 2, 1pm ET 

E22 – The Future of Commercial Space Flight with Jamie Morin and Charlie Bolden 


Thursday, June 25, 1pm ET 

E21 - Cislunar Stewardship: Planning for Sustainability and Cooperation with James Vedda and George Pollock 


Thursday, June 18, 1pm ET 

E20 - A New Era of Commercial Remote Sensing with Jamie Morin and Robert Cardillo 


Thursday, June 11, 1pm ET

E19 - High Volume Production of Space Systems with Dave Eccles, John McBride, and Jeff Juranek


Thursday, June 4, 1pm ET
E18- Slash the Trash: Incentivizing Deorbit with Rebecca Reesman and Mick Gleason


Thursday, May 28, 1pm ET
E17 - Inspiring the Next Gen Space Explorer with Astronaut Larry DeLucas


Thursday, May 21, 1pm ET 

E16 – Value of Space with Mick Gleason, Sam Wilson, Ellen Stofan (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum)


Thursday, May 14, 1pm ET

E15  - Locating Methane Super-Emitters from Space with Karen Jones and Angie Bukley


Thursday, May 7, 1pm ET

E14 - The Human Side of Space with Kara Cunzeman, Angie Bukley, and Kris Lehnhardt (NASA) 


Tuesday, May 5, 1pm ET

E13 – Japan’s Gradual Shift Toward Space Security with Sam Wilson and Frank Rose (Brookings Institution) 


Thursday, Apr. 30, 1pm ET

E12 - Strategic Foresight Panel: An Exploratory Dialogue on the Possibilities of the Future Space Enterprise with Kara Cunzeman, Jake Sotiriadis (AFWIC), Josh Kerbel (NIU)


Tuesday, Apr. 28, 1pm ET 

E11 - Space Resource Utilization with Jim Vedda and Henry Hertzfeld


Thursday, Apr. 23, 1pm ET

E10 - Outpacing the Threat with An Agile Defense Space Enterprise with Malina Hills, Dave Eccles, and Karen Jones 


Tuesday, Apr. 21, 1pm ET 

E9 - History of the Future of Space with Jim Vedda


Thursday, Apr. 16, 1pm ET

E8 - Wither Human Spaceflight?  with John Logsdon & Jim Vedda


Tuesday, Apr. 14, 1pm ET

E7 - Closing the Arctic Infrastructure Gap: National Security and Commercial Considerations with Karen Jones and Lina Cashin


Thursday, Apr. 9, 1pm ET

E6 - Space Grows Faster When It’s Safer: Safety and Sustainability with Josef Koller and George Nield


Tuesday, Apr. 7, 1pm ET

E5 - Large Constellation Disposal Hazards with Bill Ailor


Thursday, Apr. 2, 1pm ET

E4 - What the Expiration of New START Could Mean for U.S. Space Forces with Mick Gleason


Tuesday, Mar. 31, 1pm ET

E3 -Developing a Sustainable Spectrum Approach for 5G Services & Critical Weather Forecasts with David Lubar


Thursday, Mar. 26, 1pm ET

E2 -Game Changer: Blockchain in the Space Sector with Karen Jones 


Tuesday, Mar. 24, 1pm ET     

E1 - Understanding the National Security Space Budget with Russell Rumbaugh


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