The Hypersonic Missile Debate

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Hypersonic Missile

Before adjudicating among conflicting technological assessments—deciding whether hypersonic missiles are undefendable, or easier to defend, untraceable or easier to track, extremely precise or widely imprecise—one may want to begin with considering the U.S. relationship with Russia and China. How much of our military focus should be on Russia and China? How much of our focus should be on a major conflict with Russia and China? What should be our military aims for such a conflict? What are the parameters, if any, for how we should prepare? From there, we can consider the technology with clearer eyes, untangling the technological from the strategic.

Hear from authors by watching episode 43 of The Space Policy Show: The Modern Missile Threat.  Or for more in-depth discussions watch the virtual event below with two panels of special guests, also available on Youtube.



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