Effects of High-Volume Production (HVP) on Space Systems

Due to the transformation that the space business is undergoing, satellite production could benefit from methodologies for mass production of reliable complex systems. How might they be used to produce very large satellite constellations?

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High Volume Production

New methods adapted from commercial electronics, aircraft, and automotive industries can be applied to transform satellite design and manufacturing by placing an emphasis on simplicity, standardization, and more producible designs, as well as controlled, repeatable, and automated processes. If NSS adopts the principles of Continuous Production Agility (CPA) and/or moves to more proliferated architectures, high-volume production (HVP) could help transform the national space enterprise with new HVP-qualified designs entering production on a timeline to outpace threats.

Space Policy Show Alert: Check out Episode 19  of The Space Policy Show as Dave Eccles, Jeff Juranek, and John McBride discuss mass production approaches and how they might be used for large satellite constellations and their effects on national security space. 


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