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Driving Continuous Progress for DEI

Aerospace is actively monitoring the progress of DEI initiatives efforts designed to ensure inclusivity and diversity of representation.
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The Aerospace Corporation is dedicated to ensuring that its efforts to attain a workplace that is free of racial inequity and bias are significant and quantifiable. This commitment to an inclusive workplace is continuous and evolving, and is focused through a number of key initiatives designed to affect real change. 

Aerospace maintains a Diversity Scorecard, which is updated on an annual basis, to actively and transparently document the progress and impact of these initiatives. As illustrated in FY2022’s Diversity Scorecard, we continue to see increases in racial and ethnic community representation in our workforce, and an increase in female members of staff over previous years.

Attaining a diverse workplace characterized by equal opportunities for advancement is critical to our nation’s preeminent space enterprise. Aerospace remains committed to ensuring that these values are upheld throughout our corporation and communities in the interest of creating a just and equitable future.


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