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The Art of Science at Aerospace

A group of scientists explore the photographic aspects of their job.

Scientists spend their days researching, solving complicated equations, and running laboratory experiments. And yet, sometimes science can venture into a more artistic realm. 


Scientists actually capture all kinds of imagery, and a group of scientists here at The Aerospace Corporation decided to compete in a departmental contest to see who could supply the most interesting image.


While traditional photo contests might feature beautiful landscapes or artistic close-ups, this contest ranged into the more esoteric, and even the microscopic. 

  • Who needs a photo of flowers when you can explore the floral pattern of a metal alloy—only visible once it’s blown up 200x using polarized light?
  • Why snap a shot of the cloudy sky when you can capture the cloud-like shapes of chemical corrosion? 
  • Why travel north to photograph the aurora borealis when you can generate those colors in your lab? 

We invite you to browse through the following collection of science photos, taking time to enjoy the art of the geek.

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