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Mikhail B. Tadjikov

Director Embedded And Specialized Computing Department


Mikhail B. Tadjikov is the director of the Embedded & Specialized Computing Department at The Aerospace Corporation. Tadjikov’s day-to-day activities focus on advancing the state of the art in space, whether through leveraging commercial technological advancements to harnessing bootstrap new capabilities. His primary areas of research are edge computing, distributed architectures, neural net accelerators, and low Earth orbit proliferation.

Prior to his current position, Tadjikov was an associate director in Aerospace’s Digital Communications Implementation Department. In that role, he worked on hardware and software implementations in the areas of GPS, cryptography, and digital communications. Prior to joining Aerospace in 2010, Tadjikov worked at Hewlett-Packard as a hardware design engineer.


Tadjikov earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with a minor in mathematics from New Mexico State University and his master’s degree in electrical engineering from University of California, Los Angeles.

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