December 2018

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On-orbit cyber defense

Cyber Defense for Cloud-Based Applications

Aerospace and Air Force researchers created a cyber defense capability for cloud-based computing environments using commercial and custom components.
Smart manufacturing Venn diagram

Get Smart: The Future of Space System Manufacture

Smart manufacturing will have a profound effect on the design and construction of future space architectures, but certain challenges remain.
discrete component

Tin Whiskers: Predicting the Risk

According to a recent study, the risk of tin whiskers can be a "self-solving" problem—depending on package design and processing method.
The U.S.-Canada Space Alliance Policy Paper Image

Software Assurance for a Resilient Ground Enterprise

An automated web-based tool runs several software analyzers simultaneously to catch the vast bulk of common coding weaknesses.
Participants at the additive manufacturing workshop.

Disruptive Manufacturing Techniques Add Up

A series of technical workshops on additive manufacturing for space system components highlighted recent advancements and identified ongoing challenges.

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