The Aerospace Corporation UK Ltd

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The Aerospace Corporation UK Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Aerospace Corporation, is committed to empowering allied space programmes by drawing on our wealth of expertise and resources to grow a thriving U.K. space economy.

The Aerospace Corporation UK Ltd provides leadership and support in all fields and disciplines of research, design, development, acquisition, operations, and programme management. 

The company in the UK is able to reach back into its parent company, The Aerospace Corporation, for lessons learned over 59 years, during which it was integral  to the development of the current space infrastructure, enabling the U.S. government to be an informed purchaser of space systems and supporting  ventures. As a trusted, impartial advisor to government, Aerospace Corporation UK Ltd has the insight to assess almost any technical challenge, and the expertise to provide comprehensive solutions.

The Aerospace Corporation UK Ltd
Middle Yard
Berwick St Leonard
United Kingdom