Aerospace at Space Symposium

From spacesuits to space policy, here is a look at what we are talking about at the 35th annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO.
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Space Cloud Hero

Video: Delivering Artificial Intelligence To Space

Aerospace engineers developed an artificial intelligence system that uses modern cloud computing to enable satellites to transmit meaningful data and discard the rest.

Back to the Moon

NASA has plans to put humans on the moon and beyond. Here’s how Aerospace is helping to make that happen.
View of a spot on Earth from an orbiting satellite

A New Tool To Fight GPS Jammers

GPS jamming can drastically impact military and civilian life. A team from Aerospace’s Communication System Implementation Subdivision built a tool to counter jam the jammers.
A lab technician holding the frame of AeroCube 10

xLab Turns Ideas Into Reality

Meet xLab, a new Aerospace organization that consolidates our prototyping expertise to develop rapid solutions to the threats facing the nation’s space assets.
EMU suit

Building A Better Space Suit

NASA's plans to put astronauts on the moon and Mars requires a new EVA suit —the first in 40 years— and Aerospace is assisting.
Catalina Sky Survey telescope

Artificial Intelligence Takes On Asteroids

A 25-meter asteroid could devastate an area of Earth the size of Manhattan. Here’s how Aerospace developed artificial intelligence to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Press Kit

Download our news releases, fact sheets, policy papers and related assets from the 35th Space Symposium.
catalina sky survey